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Some Tips For Movers

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your move from Arpin Preferred Movers!

When selecting your move date, keep in mind that most people want to move at the end of the month or on a weekend. For more options and flexibility, mid-week in the middle of a month is normally a better time to schedule a move.

If you are buying a new home, if at all possible, try not to schedule the delivery of your belongings at your new location on the same day you close on your new home. In our experience, legal and financial delays can hold up a closing.

In addition, please do not plan other activities during the days selected for packing, loading, and delivery of your belongings. You or someone you designate must be present during the service to oversee the process and sign the applicable documents.

A. We suggest that you call 45 to 60 days prior to your anticipated moving dates. This is especially important if you plan to move during the busy months of June, July or August or during the last week of any month. When you call, we will arrange for an in-home inspection, which will help us estimate the cost of your move.

The cost is determined by factoring the weight of your household goods, the distance of the move and any additional services needed or requested.

We strongly suggest that you be available during all stages of your move. It is important for you to be nearby to answer any questions the driver and crew may have. Most importantly, you must be present during the loading and unloading process to assist with the inventory process.

You will be asked to review and sign the inventory agreeing with all conditions noted, and participate in checking off the items listed on the inventory as they are unloaded.

Yes. The inventory sheet is a very important document, so take the time to read it over carefully. Make sure that everything is listed and that you understand and agree with any notations concerning the pre-existing condition of your belongings.

Valuables such as securities, furs, jewelry, currency, legal papers and valuable collections should not go into the moving van. Take them with you or make arrangements for them to be moved via a traceable, insurable carrier.

Irreplaceable items that have little insurable value, such as baby pictures or your grandfather’s pocket watch, should travel with you. Items of an extraordinary value and/or firearms must be packed by Bekins Van Lines for control, receipt and liability. Firearms and items of extraordinary value (items with a value of $100 per pound or more or a single item or matching set of items with a value of $2,000 or more) must be listed on a Declaration of Items of Extraordinary Value & Firearms form.

In accordance with federal regulations, failure to disclose such articles will result in limited carrier liability. All firearms must be listed on the form, including all Make(s), Model(s) and Serial Number(s).